Inferno Festival 2012 Switzerland

Inferno Festival 2012 Switzerland Lineup

Inferno Festival Switzerland will take place in Lausanne, Switzerland on March 9-10, 2012.

Immortal, Meshuggah and Tsjuder are among the bands that will perform at the Inferno Festival Switzerland 2012 festival.

Inferno Festival Switzerland 2012 - Lineup

Inferno Festival 2012 Switzerland Running Order:

Base Bar

Friday March 9th
20:00 Arkhan (CH)
21:00 Unfold (CH)
22:30 Kruger (CH)

Saturday March 10th
19:30 Nekromantheon (NO)
20:45 Vuyvr (CH)
22:00 Djerv (NO)

Les Docks

Friday March 9th
19:30 Borgne (CH)
20:30 Benighted (FR)
21:30 1349 (NO)
23:00 Meshuggah (SE)

Saturday March 10th
18:45 Svart Crown (FR)
20:00 Tsjuder (NO)
21:15 Shining (NO)
23:00 Immortal (NO)


LES DOCKS (capacity: 1000 people – big stage) remains the main stage of the festival and is dedicated to the big names – 4 to 5 bands each night.

BASE BAR (capacity: 250 people) will offer a good Club Stage for presenting exciting new bands in very good conditions – 3 bands each night. As the capacity is limited make sure to arrive early for the band you want to see to gain access to this venue.

Inferno Festival 2012 Switzerland Tickets:
Petzi 55 Sfr (Friday) 55 Sfr(Saturday)

Both venues will also present a special PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION:
Julien Palmilha(CH) at BASE BAR.
Per Ole Hagen(NOR) at DOCKS.
Seth Siro Anton


In addition to the photography exhibitions, we will also present an ART EXHIBITION at the DEMART Gallery.

On Saturday 10th March – CONTEMPORARY DANCE PERFORMANCE – it is a special creation of artists living in Lausanne based on the ambient industrial music of DECOMPOSITION.

BASE BAR will also be the place for INFERNO CAFE & METAL MARKET! This will be the place for hanging out. Directly connected to the Metal Market, the cafe will serve 2 special menus available at anytime: INFERNO OSLO (NORWEGIAN Courses), INFERNO SWITZERLAND (Fondue + jerked meat from the Swiss mountains), Norwegian Beers and Swiss Wines.

A Norwegian Menu, a Swiss Menu but also Norwegian beers and Swiss wines will be served at the festival.