Help support ‘kin Hell Fest 2014 Debt Clearance


A few guys had the balls to do a fest in Leeds, UK, but unfortunately in the end there’s a five figure debt crippling their lives right now. Here’s a message from the festival organizer, Paul Priest:

So, we did a festival.
A three day music festival in Leeds, with big and small bands from all over the UK and into Europe and USA / Canada. We spent just short of a year organising it, promoting it, working to make sure everyone we could possibly find into these bands and this music would know about it. It happened last week (May 2/3/4), and despite all the incredible support, the amazing effort that the rest of the team made, the encouragement and generally huge responses to what we were doing and our line up, and whilst we had a very good turn out, it drastically undersold and that now leaves us in masses of debt. A 5 figure debt that is crippling us now.

We were about 200 people coming for the weekend short of covering all the costs (tickets were £65 on the door for 3 full days for 44 bands, almost 40 hours of music! The money that came in paid for things like all the big (and smaller / touring bands), the venue, PA, stage, lighting, backline hire, promo costs too, plus also vehicle hire of getting gear around, picking up bands, paying for hotels and band ryders. For those who don’t know how it all works, there is a LOT to consider, and there is always something that comes up that you won’t have thought of.

Thankfully our friends helped us out huge amounts over the course of the weekend, and we’ve had donations since via the website, plus we are selling off the remaining merchandise we have (shirts, posters, patches), but, despite efforts to sort out getting an official loan (via the bank, companies, other people) to clear the whole debt in one go, so that nobody is waiting around, we have been unsuccessful in getting a full amount, and so now, we go out on the street, our caps in hand, feeling soul destroyed but still proactive and trying to stay positive, and trying everything in our means to put right this shortfall for everyone else concerned.

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