Heavy Days in Doom Town

Heavy Days in Doom Town Lineup

Heavy Days in Doom Town will take place at Ungdomshuset, Dortheavej 61, 2400 Copenhagen, Denmark on 2nd May – 5th May 2013.

Pagan Altar, Graves At Sea and Cough are among the bands that will perform at the Heavy Days in Doom Town 2013 festival.

Heavy Days In Doomtown 2013

Running Order:

Thursday: Stengade
19.30 Bottom Feeder (dk)
21.00 High Priest of Saturn (n)
22.30 Huata (fr)
00.00 Hexvessel (fin)

Friday: Ungdomshuset
18.00 Alunah (uk)
20.00 Saturnalia Temple (swe)
22.00 Bell Witch (us)
24.00 Belzebong (pl)
Main stage:
17.00 Toner Low (nl)
19.00 Siena Root (swe)
21.00 Procession (swe)
23.00 Conan (uk)
01.00 Samothrace (us)

Saturday: Ungdomshuset

16.00 Skraeckoedlan (swe)
18.00 Lecherous Gaze (us)
20.00 Shadow of the Torturer (us)
22.00 Meth Drinker (nz)
24.00 Heat (d)
17.00 Danava (us)
19.00 Cough (us)
21.00 Pagan Altar (uk)
23.00 Mournful Congregation (aus)
01.00 Graves at Sea (us)

Sunday: Ungdomshuset
17.00 Nocturnal (swe)
19.00 Resonaut (n)
21.00 Dark Buddha Rising (fin)
23.00 Øresund Space Collective (dk/swe) feat. Tom Sutton (aus)
Main stage:
16.00 Seremonia (fin)
18.00 Troubled Horse (swe)
20.00 Saturnus (dk)
22.00 Kadavar (d)
24.00 Moss (uk)