DEVILSTONE OPEN AIR festival of extreme music – this weekend at Dainuva valley in Anykšciai

DEVILSTONE OPEN AIR festival of extreme music – this weekend at Dainuva valley in Anykšciai.

The debut of international extreme music festival DEVILSTONE will rock the Anykšciai town this weekend on 17-19 of July! The Dainuva valley, also known as the valley of songs, for the first time this summer will turn into alternative oasis, bidding to experience the energy of uncompromising, live music.

The festival is intended to occur annually, with ambitions to get acknowledged in the context of European metal festivals. The core of it is the art of extreme, heavy rock and metal music, which will be revealed by three concerts of twenty participating bands from Europe and further countries like Brazil or Jordan.

devilstone 2009

The headliner of this year DEVILSTONE is SEPULTURA, which comes to Lithuania for the third time now, despite the recently expressed objection of the Lithuanian Exorcists Association via Lithuanian public media means (imagine?). The negative attitude has been directed towards the music style and the band’s “satanic” ideology, which was of course interpreted in a dabbler way. The fact that SEPULTURA had performed in Lithuania for two times before and no similar negative attention was received only proves that the recent “scandal” has been plucked out of the air. This was probably provoked by the festival’s name which incorporates DEVIL. However, the SEPULTURA performance will occur for sure as well as the very DEVILSTONE Open Air.

Anyway, other fierce leaders of the festival are the Norwegians KEEP OF KALESSIN and CODE, the Netherlanders SINISTER. The most exotic band can be considered BILOCATE from the Islamic land Jordan, and the most contradictory – the local ŽAS, better known in the Lithuanian popular show business. These kickers are challenged to prepare a special heavier program of their live music. The local Lithuanian stage will be also represented by nearly the whole Lithuanian metal music elite, which is undoubtedly reinforced by the intriguing and recently revived special guest – the black thrashers of Anykšciai DISSIMULATION.

The end of live performances will give a start for the night rockteques, introducing a program of old-school rock music of 1960-1974. This will be a tribute to the roots of alternative music, the classics of rock. The nostalgic melodies, transferring to the past decades, will prevail during the breaks between the live performances, what will hold the particular atmosphere in the Dainuva valley throughout the weekend.

Apart from this entertaining program the festival idea is supported by its surroundings. The Anykšciai town is known for its inexhaustible cultural heritage. One of its ancient legends about the devil, aiming to crush the church with a huge stone, prompted the obvious festival’s title. The ones who care for the cultural tourism will be provided with information at the special info centre. Try a challenging route of sightseeing, which destination is the festival’s symbol – the Puntukas rock, here referred to as the Devilstone.

The campsite will be set besides the festival ground along the beautiful river Šventoji (Holy in English). Right here the second day of the festival shall be started with a volleyball tournament.

The winner shall be awarded with a proper trophy – a piece of art, representing the devil’s stone. Another challenge is the special tea of Lithuanian herbs and orient spice, which holds at least an idea of voodoo power. Plus, do not forget to shoot the most devilish moments of the festival. The one, who shall maybe take a picture of the legendary Anykšciai devil, will be evaluated with a symbolic present, worth 666 Lt.

Wish you a really devilish weekend!

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