Devilstone 2009

Devilstone 2009 Lineup

Sepultura will headline the Devilstone Open Air in Anyksciai, Lithuania on July 17-19, 2009.

Devilish feast on the bank of the river: three days of metallic uproar, headlined by SEPULTURA, and head-banging together with the grands of metal scene – KEEP of KALESSIN, CODE and SINISTER – in the DEVILSTONE OPEN AIR, also featuring Lithuanian metal elite and other extreme acts… It is the debuting edition of the Lithuanian metal festival, where twenty bands are confirmed for three concerts. The variety of metal styles as well as bands’ geography is wide enough – from Brazil through Europe to Jordan, not bypassing the traditional metal music nest –Scandinavia, for sure.

devil side metal festival 2009

Thus festival mission is far reaching. Beside the three big metal concerts it will offer a rich cultural program: Night Rocktheques, Volleyball matches, specially arranged Excursion round the town, and more. Camping ground will be based right there along the river. Swimming, football, fresh air – overall place is grateful for natural attractions and devilish feast…


SEPULTURA – Brazil, Modern Thrash;
KEEP of KALESSIN – Norway, Black;
CODE – England/Norway, Nostalgic Black;
SINISTER – Netherlands, Technical Death;
AZARATH – Poland, Death;
BILOCATE – Jordan, Black/Death/Doom;
TRAUMA – Poland, Death;
FRAILTY – Latvia,Doom/Death;
DIABOLICAL – Sweden, Death/Thrash;
OBTEST – Lithuania, Pagan;
HEAVEN GREY – Latvia, Doom;
LUCTUS – Lithuania, Thrashing Black;
LEPROUS – Norway, Progressive;
CROCELL – Denmark, Death;
STRANGER AEONS – Lithuania,Progressive;
NAHASH – Lithuania, Occult Black;
SAPLES – Lithuania,Old-school Death;
ŽAS – Lithuania, Social Rock/Metal;
THE PROWLERS – Italy, Heavy/Progressive; plus sensational SPECIAL GUEST.

Tickets to Devilstone Open Air are on sale by “Tiketa” ticket service. The direct link is:

At present tickets are priced at 120 LTL/35 € for all three days. Further on tickets will cost 140 LTL/40 € and 150 LTL/43 €. Plus – one extra € per each ticket for the “Tiketa” service. Tickets will also be available at the entrance during the festival.

Sepultura – Dead Embrionic Cells (Live)

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