Monsters of Rot 6

Monsters of Rot 6 will take place in Ireland on August 13, 2016.

Thornafire, Drakonis and Oncology are among the bands that will perform at Monsters of Rot 6 festival.

Galway Dark Arts Festival 2016

Galway Dark Arts Festival will take place in Galway, Ireland on August 13, 2016.

Malthusian, Vircolac and Zom are among the bands that will perform at Galway Dark Arts Festival 2016.

Monsters of Rot V

Monsters of Rot V will take place in Co Fermanagh, Letterbreen/Enniskillen – The Halfway Inn, Ireland on August 01, 2015.

Abaddon Incarnate, Xerath and Guttrench are among the bands that will perform at the Monsters of Rot V festival.

Cork Winterfest

Cork Winterfest has rapidly gained in stature since its inception in 2006 to become a respected operator on the European small festival circuit. The small, intimate nature of Cork Winterfest that has contributed to our success: the fans are right up at the stage, and you can always catch the bands afterwards for a drink.

Low End Festival

This year will mark the Birth of Low End Festival. The Festival will take place on Friday the 28th and Saturday the 29th of August 2009.

Full Metal Racket

Paradise Lost will headline the 3rd installment of FULL METAL RACKET!! Paradise Lost – Say…