BlekkMetal Lineup

BlekkMetal will take place at USF Verftet, in Bergen, Norway on November 13-15, 2015.

Taake, Kampfar and Aeternus are among the bands that will perform at the BlekkMetal festival.

Tattooers: Phil Kyle, Uncle Allan, Trym Torson,Kelly Doty, Trine Grimm,Nick Morte, Tim Lehi, Dagfinn Bjelland, Renathe Bryn, Nurse Izzy, Welt, Kali, Benjamin Moss, Lior Cifer

BlekkMetal 2015

A blackmetal festival/ tattoo convention called BlekkMetal focuses on the roots of Norwegian Black Metal!

  • Only bands connected to the early Norwegian bm scene!
  • Close to 20 tattooers!
  • Exhibitions ( Neseblod BM Museum, Gaahl, Tania Stene ( Burzum, Darkthrone, Ulver coverart) and more)
  • small filmfestival
  • spoken words
  • Once!

500 tickets for sale only