Bled Fest

Bled Fest Lineup

Whitechapel will headline the Bled Fest 2009, held at Howell Performing Arts Center in Howell, Michigan, U.S.A. on May 23.

Bled Fest 2009

Bled Fest is short for Big Love’s Educational Festival. Big Love (named by his mommy and daddy as Ben Staub) started a small house show in 2005 and called it Bled Fest. He invited his favorite bands, and no there were no genre divides. It was a super fun show, with awesome people having an awesome time. In 2006, the show was way too big for his backyard. In 2007, it went to Skateland West, where promoters Stefan Maxx and Brian Brown turned it into a celebration of all things metal, with Black Dahlia Murder headlining. Over 1500 people showed up. Metal kids loved it. Big Love, and anyone who didn’t just like metal, hated it. In 2008, Big Love brought Bled Fest back home to Hartland, with the help of local promoters Fusion Shows. They booked a varied lineup, and 900 attendees came out to see a variety of great bands from all rock genres. This year, that mission continues, with the scope being much larger. The lineup will be bigger, louder, and more kick ass than in years past

Bled Fest schedule :

1220-1240 What Happened in Vegas
100-120 Tiger! Tiger!
140-200 Apathetic Critic
220-240 And Hell Followed With
300-325 Salt the Wound
350-415 Oceano
440-505 Farewell
530-555 Houston Calls
620-645 A Plea for Purging
715-745 Amber Pacific
815-845 La Dispute
915-1000 Whitechapel

1200-1220 Leviathan
1240-100 hero No Day
120-140 Ender
200-220 Your Best Friend
240-300 Siren the Escape
325-350 Driver Side Impact
415-440 Fight Fair
505-530 Closure in Moscow
555-620 See You Next Tuesday
645-715 Motionless in White
745-815 Damiera
845-915 Brother Von Doom

1200-1220 The Virally Enthroned
1240-100 Take the City
120-140 Rotation
200-220 An Ocean Above
240-300 The Anytime
325-350 November Fire
415-440 Nice Peter
505-530 Souldub
555-620 Champions of Breakfast
645-715 Koji
745-815 Miss May I
845-915 Continuance (ex-Saints Never Surrender)

1220-1240 Of Virtue
100-120 Galaxy Down
140-200 Through the Fire
220-240 Versus the Ocean
300-325 Fighting Lights
350-415 Antreum
440-505 Our Endeavor
530-555 Brothers
620-645 The Sound And The Fury
715-745 Ports of Aidia
815-845 I Decay

1240-100 Channels Red
120-140 The Firefight
200-220 Heir to the Throne
240-300 Hellmouth
325-350 Houses
415-440 Renae
505-530 Sleep Serapis Sleep
555-620 Good Weather for Airstrikes
645-715 Doctor Doctor
745-815 Wilson
845-915 The Mastodon Infantry