Age Of Evil - Confirmed Metal Festivals

Wacken Rocks Seaside

Slayer will headline the Wacken Rocks Seaside festival, held in Aurich Veranstaltungsgelände, Germany on 28-30 August, 2009.

Wacken Rocks South

Slayer will headline this year’s edition of Wacken Rocks South festival, held in Rieden-Kreuth Gut Matheshof, Germany on 27-29 August, 2009.

Magic Circle Festival

MANOWAR is ready to unleash that energy on the next Magic Circle Festival! Saturday, July 18, 2009 is the date for history to be made when metal meets the myth, the magic and the legend of the Loreley, Germany.

Rock Harz Open-Air Festival

The ROCKHARZ Open Air is located near the Harz mountains right in the middle of Germany. The Harz mountains are the most mystical and mysterious in Germany. So it is told, that all witches and demons from all over the world come here once a year to celebrate a big feast with the devil at the highest of the Harz mountains: the famous Brocken.