Sweden Rock Festival

Sweden Rock Festival Lineup

Sweden Rock Festival is a big music festival with it´s main focus on the heavier aspects of music. The festival celebrates bands and artists with a glorious past but does not forget the talents of today and, of course, future heavy weights. Over the years the festival has become on of the main rock festivals in Europe and attracts fans and media from more than 40 countries.

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Sweden Rock Festival 2009


Wednesday – Uriah Heep, Sevendust, Blaze Bayley, Amon Amarth, The Chair, Hysterica

Thursday – ZZ Top, Twisted Sister, Hammerfall, Flogging Molly, The Tubes, Bullet, The Outlaws, Volbeat, Pain, Grand Magus, H.E.A.T.

Friday – In Flames, Foreigner, Motörhead, UFO, Kamelot, Johnny Winter, Marillion, Lita Ford, Eric Sardinas, Jon Oliva’s Pain, Thor, Crucified Barbara, Unleashed.
Saturday – Heaven & Hell, Journey, Dream Theater, Blackfoot, Riot, Forbidden, Electric Boys , Europe, Immortal, Soilwork, Helstar, Kebnekajse.

Ticket prices from 1 february 2009:

4-day ticket – 2190 SEK + fee – SOLD OUT
3-day ticket – 1990 SEK+ fee
1-day to wednesday 3 june – 590 SEK + fee (only 500)
1-day to thursday 4 june – 990 SEK + fee
1-day to friday 5 june – 990 SEK + fee
1-day to saturday 6 june – 990 SEK + fee

Tickets can only be bought from HERE

Immortal – Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark)

Motorhead – Killed By Death

Amon Amarth – Runes To My Memory

Voivod – Polaroids