Muskelrock Metal Festival

Muskelrock Metal Festival Lineup

MUSKELROCK is a new heavy metal festival in southern Sweden, only 200km from Malmo. Its on a great venue from the sixties called Tyrolen, situated in a small village called Blädinge, 7km from the small town Alvesta.

You can buy your ticket on, search for muskelrock. Some foreign people have problems with booking there, then just send a mail and book your ticket, then you can pay when you arrive, 435sek or 40Euros.


Thursday, June 11 (Pre-Festival):

20.00 Antichrist
23.00 Cauldron

Friday, June 12:

17.00 The Scams
18.00 In Solitude
19.00 Graveyard
20.00 Enforcer
21.00 Torch
22.00 Portrait
23.00 Witchcraft
24.00 Eviscerated
01.00 Ram

Saturday, June 13:

14.00 Spice And The Rj Band
15.00 Axewitch
16.00 Abramis Brama
17.00 Cauldron
18.00 Solid Ground
19.00 Wolf
20.00 Backdraft
21.00 Bullet
22.00 Hemlig Artist
23.00 Thor
24.00 The Devil’s Blood
01.00 Helvetets Port

Camping is for free for all visitors.

muskelrock 2009