Mountains of Death Lineup

Mountains of Death will take place in Muotathal, Switzerland on August 18-20, 2011.

Decapitated, Haemorrhage and Abysmal Torment are among the bands that will perform at the Mountains of Death 2011 festival.

Mountains of Death presale tickets.
The festival pass (3-day-ticket) costs CHF 75.- and can be bought easily as a print@home ticket.

The price includes all pre-selling-, system- and credit cards fees (valid for print@home tickets only!). All money transfers that have to be exchanged into Swiss Francs are being calculated by the ticket agency with a daily exchange rate (plus a small security margin for exchange rate fluctuations).

With the ticket you get the following benefits:
festival ticket for 3 days
free camping space
1 car parking (if needed)
24 hours free toilet use with light and running water
free use of shower trailer

Decapitated – Spheres of Madness (Live 2010)