Kilkim Žaibu Festival 2013

Kilkim Žaibu Festival 2013 Lineup

Kilkim Žaibu Festival will take place in Varniai, Lithuania on June 21-23, 2013.

Destruction, Turisas and Exhumed are among the bands that will perform at the Kilkim Žaibu Festival 2013 festival.

Kilkim Žaibu Festival 2013

Kilkim Žaibu 2013 Tickets: 27 euro for 3 days.

Kilkim Žaibu is the festival, comprising of the most extreme forms of music, with archaic folklore and the accents of Baltic history. Unconventional name (Strike with Thunder) reflects the spirit of this extraordinary event. Festival‘s challenge – unity of contemporary extreme music, pagan and black metal genres with the ethnic culture of the Balts.

Most extreme metal styles, Baltic folk music, bonfires and pagan solstice traditions, beautiful lake next to stage, sport activities, delicious beer for just around 1 € – this all is one and only unique Kilkim Žaibu Festival in the heart of Baltics. Come and enjoy!

Adult ticket for all 3 days of festival is 27 €.
There are various group, family and children discounts.
Tickets also will be available at festival entrance at any time.