Hellfest 2014 Lineup

Hellfest 2014 will take place in Clisson, France on June 20-22, 2014.

Iron Maiden, Slayer and Black Sabbath are among the bands that will perform at the Hellfest 2014 festival.

Hellfest Schedule 2014 Main Stage 1Hellfest Schedule 2014 Main Stage 2Hellfest Schedule 2014 The AltarHellfest Schedule 2014 The TempleHellfest Schedule 2014 The ValleyHellfest Schedule 2014 The Warzone

Hellfest Sunday Pass costs 79 Euro.

Hellfest 2014 Map

  • Austin Harnish

    Best lineup for a festival I’ve ever seen.

    • Retailmonkey.

      check out the first and second year lineups for 70000 tons.Even last years was kinda cool. This years lineup is kinda weak…

      • hydra

        which year is the first and second year?

        • Retailmonkey.

          2011 first 2012 second

  • Jackie

    Hey there! Does anyone know if there is another way to purchase tickets than not on the official website of the event? The 3 days pass is sold out, but I really, really want to go to the festival… Tks!

    • Tarek

      i have the same question, please if you find let me know! ill do the same

      • Kary

        I have tickets for the 3 days pass. If you are interested contact me by email karykohu@gmail.com

    • hxc_hel

      I cannot go anymore and have two weekend tickets for sale. If anyones interested mai me in etid_hotdamn@hotmail.com! Cheers, Helen xxx

      • borisman11

        Heya id definately have them off you! drzeds@live.co.uk x

      • Guest

        I can’t go anymore either and have two tickets for the 3 days pass. If you are interested contact me by email karykohu@gmail.com

    • Kary

      I have two tickets for the 3 days pass. If you are interested contact me by email karykohu@gmail.com

      • poaceae

        Kary and others selling a ticket: I would like to buy a 3 days pass to Hellfest. I can pay immediately by paypal. Please email to me poaceae7@gmail.com

    • Ash

      I have 2x tickets for sale – Contact me directly on: ashleyregan@hotmail.co.uk

  • Ubique

    Does anyone out there have a spare ticket for the three days. The mrs wants to go ????


    • Luke

      i got a 3 day pass for sale, putting it on ebay tomorrow

  • Patryk Wrzeszcz

    Hi guys, anyone got weekend passes for sale? I take a bunch

    • cally

      Hi I have 2 3 day passes for sale 🙂

  • loomann

    Looking to Grab (2) – 3day tickets anyone have tix for sale?

    • LUKE

      im selling 1 3 day oass, it goes on ebay tommorow

      • Aviv Kadair

        hi do you still have them on sale?

    • cally

      Hi I have 2 3 day passes for sale

      • Aviv Kadair

        hi is this still relevant? could you please give me contact details?

      • allysa milano

        hi i’m allysa if you still have the tickets i woul buy it immediatly please contact me on my email milano_allysa15@yahoo.co.id

  • Graeme Carter

    I have 2 hellfest tickets 2 sell. cant really get time off work anymore x

    • popzmaster

      Mate giz a shout if you still have these have cash sitting there now for 2

    • Chris Mouli

      If you still have them, I would buy one immediately.

    • Manwith Avan

      hey how much looking 2 email me joanne.beattie@live.co.uk

    • Eva Mallene

      if still available, please write to me on FB or ejmallene@hotmail.com, desperate!

  • Jewel

    Need 2 tickets for either day 1/2 or both days if there are any floating around.
    Please email d.gelder@hotmail.com 🙂

  • Cem Soundso

    Hi I need 2 “3 day” tickets. a_dam@web.de

  • Chris Mouli


    I desperately look for a 3-days-pass!!!
    Can somebody help?
    Please contact me: xnichlos@hotmail.com

  • Manwith Avan

    hey looking 2 weekend tickets cash waiting email joanne.beattie@live.co.uk cheers

    • Eamonn McBride

      lol didnt realise you already posted on here kenny..good luck hope you get sorted lad!

  • Michelle Young

    Hi all! Guys, if someone stil has two 3 days pass ( or maybe more) for sale, please can you be so kind and let me know ( chamventa@gmail.com) A big thanks!

  • Eva Mallene

    looking for a 3-day pass, two passes would be even better! write ejmallene@hotmail.com or on FB 🙂

    • cally

      I have 2 3 day passes for sale

      • Eva Mallene

        wow, really? contact me, very interested!

        • Cally

          Hi I’m currently taking offers on the tickets, so if you put in an offer I will let you know 🙂

          • Eva Mallene

            how can i contact you?

          • EdTruscott

            Hi I have a weekend ticket that I’m looking to sell if you still need one, you can contact me at edtruscott@hotmail.com cheers.

  • shane

    if anyone has one or 2 3 day pass’s that there willing to sell please contact me on rappleshane@gmail.com

  • Psychoberry

    Hey. If anyone has any 3 day passes available email kerrienutter@hotmail.com. ideally looking for 2. Will drive anywhere to pick up and give cash.

  • Aviv Kadair

    Hi guys I am looking for one ticket! is anyone selling his?

  • Dizastre

    I NEED 2 or 3 3 day passes please sell me your tickets! I have to go this year! my email is dizastre@hotmail.com m/

  • AAmmar

    I need a 3 day ticket please a.m.ammar@hotmail.com

  • jorgan

    Hi, i´ve got 2 Three-day-tickets for sale. I´ve bought them at digitick, so it ´s easy to change names. juergenvogler@gmx.at

    • Morganak

      Hi, do you still Have them?

    • Mika Attar

      Hi I’m need 3 day ticket pls! Is it still available? My email address is Mikaela.attard@gmail.com. Urgent pls let me know asap thanksX

  • Rick

    I have a 3 day pass for sale if anybody needs one. I just simply can’t afford the trip right now, especially since I’d be flying over from the United States. If anybody is in need of one, email me at skin.ticket9@gmail.com.

    • JDDD

      I wannt it sooooo bad dude

  • Weisner Loam

    Hello there! Does anyone still have 1 3 days ticket for sale? Please let me know.
    I’m just so desperate to be there.

  • Frankthetank

    Hey, i currently have 3 3 day passes to sell x

    • Megan

      Do you still have a ticket? x

      • Frankthetank

        Yeah, Whats your e-mail address and i can message you x

    • Nikki Puglisevich

      Hi are those tickets still available? My email is ygiveadamn@hotmail.com I’m looking for one three day pass plz let me know tnx!

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    • niall

      Hey how ya doin you still got the goods?

  • Nikki Puglisevich

    I’m looking for a three day ticket for this years hellfest, desperately want to go! If anyone has a ticket for sale or any info plz email me ygiveadamn@hotmail.com thanks!

  • Jannie

    I’m selling my 3-day ticket to Hellfest – write me at jannierm@live.dk 🙂

  • Chris

    Hi, I need 2x weekend tickets to Hellfest 2014 so if anyone can’t go and wants to sell them. Please email chris_bailey@talktalk.net to arrange. Many thanks. Chris

  • niall

    any tickets for sale email me @ nod-0-dod@hotmail.com

  • markymark

    Hi. Im after 1 3 day ticket if anyone has one going?

  • Guilherme

    Im selling my 3 days tickeds, Im accepting offers

  • EdTruscott

    I have a 3 day weekend ticket for sale, my mates missed out on tickets so I have to get rid of mine. Email me at themintylamb@hotmail.com I’m open to offers. Cheers.

  • EdTruscott

    Hi I’ve just found this forum and I have a 3 day weekend ticket for Hellfest, I bought the ticket back in January but all my mates waited too long and they sold out so need to sell. Anyone who wants a ticket please email me at edtruscott@hotmail.com and we can agree a price, I’m open to offers. Thanks.

  • Praveen K

    i have 2 tickets for sale, unfortunately me and my buddy cant make it anymore from the US 🙁 mail me at nirvana7379@yahoo.com if interested

  • Emma

    Hello! I’m after a weekend ticket! Does anybody happen to know anyone or anywhere I can get one? 🙂

  • Emma

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  • Louise

    Hi. My boyfriend and I sadly cant go anyway, so we have 3 3day ticket up for sale – email louise@thecage.dk if interested.

  • AdamNDee

    We can’t go anymore, so we have two weekend tickets to Hellfest 2014. If interested, email us at adam_kelly00@yahoo.co.uk! Cheers!

    • AdamNDee

      PS: To sell, obviously 😀

  • Neil S

    Any weekend tickets going? Ideally I am looking for 4 in total.

  • Kary

    Hi everyone! I have 2 3 day tickets to sell. Contact me at karykohu@gmail.com

  • Jonathan

    Hi everyone, I see so many posts here bout selling tickets I dunno if those who were willing to sell, sold them all already – in short: I’ll buy 1 COMBI Tic, email+paypal and we get this done;) my mail: jonny-at@web.de
    peace Jonathan

  • Agi

    I can´t make it to Hellfest, so I have one piece of 3 day ticket (weekend) for sale! please email me if interested: stepanam@gmail.com

  • will

    does anyone have a one 3 day pass within reason mail me on will.rev747@gmail.com

    • FreankTheTank

      I have 1 3 day pass, and i`m not selling it for a ridiculous price

      • Trish

        Hey, still your ticket available? if yes, whats your email adress?

  • snillhøne

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    • Agi

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  • FrankThe Tank

    Still have 1 3 day pass for sale, being sold at a reasonable price x

  • Mississippi_Queen

    Hello everyone, I would like to buy two tickets for the Hellfest 2014 festival.
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    • Ema

      Hi, I’m selling for Saturday and Sunday if you’re interested! elbroglia@yahoo.it

  • Mississippi_Queen

    Hello everyone, I would like to buy 3 day pass tickets for the Hellfest 2014 festival. please contact me as soon as posible. Thank you so much!!

  • Bushaaya

    anyone selling a 3 day pass, at a sane price? my friend is looking!

    • roothoz1

      Hi Bushaaya, I have a 3-days ticket for sale, one of us cannot join the event unfortunately.

      Let me know if you’re interested. roothoz1@gmail.com

  • Dave

    Hey, i’m in need of a 3 day pass as they sold out so quick! does anyone have x1 3 day pass they need to sell?

    • roothoz1

      Hi Dave, I have a 3-days ticket for sale, one of us cannot join the event unfortunately.

      Let me know if you’re interested. roothoz1@gmail.com

  • Ben

    Hey, I’m traveling down on the 20th from the Netherlands with no ticket. Was planning to get one when i got there, but if anyone has a spare they want to sell then I will buy it from you there. Email me if you are selling Benjamin_t_le@yahoo.com

  • Ema

    HI, I have tickets for 2nd and 3rd day, I can sell separately… we were 2 friends but for personal issues we cannot go anymore. Contact me at elbroglia@yahoo.it

  • Chris

    I need a 3 day pass for a friend. We are driving down Thursday so need to get this sorted today. Contact me at chris_bailey@talktalk.net

  • Ash

    Howdy! I’ve got 2x Hellfest tickets for sale. In hand and ready to send! Contact me directly: ashleyregan@hotmail.co.uk

  • Matthew Powers

    Hey. Im looking for 2 tickets for the Friday if anyone can help? Thank you.

  • Evan Suescun

    Hi I’m Evan from Colombia . Does anyone know how I sign up page to purchase the ticket for one day of the event? and what is the nearest town to the event?

  • Magdalena Rzymska

    Hi there! I’m looking for a Sunday pass. Can anyone help? Any info appreciated. Thanks,

  • Maja

    Hey! I need tickets for all 3 days. If you have any contact me on asanovic09@gmail.com. Thanks!