Brutal Assault Lineup

Brutal Assault 2011 will be held in Old Army Fotress in Josefov, Czech Republic on August 11-13, 2011.

Morbid Angel, Suicidal Tendencies and Triptykon are among the bands that will perform at the Brutal Assault 2011 festival.

Brutal Assault 2011 Tickets:
1257,-CZK reduced pre-sale price (approx. 52,40 EUR*) for all 3 days. This edition of tickets will be available only between March 01st, 2011 and April 30th, 2011
1357,-CZK reduced pre-sale price (approx. 56,60 EUR*) for all 3 days. This edition of tickets will be available only between May 01st, 2011 and July 31st, 2011
The ticket(s) has to be paid upfront via . Our PayPal account is

1600 CZK at the door (approx. 66,60 EUR*) for all 3 days.

The festival will take place inside the Old Army Fortress in Josefov (approx. 130 km from Prague). Unique atmosphere and history of the Fortress is an integral part of festival’s image and provides to our festival-goers unusual experience.

The both stages are on the main square and the festival “accessories” are placed in the surrounding space. The festival-goers will discover more than 30 refreshment kiosks with various kinds of food for carnivores, vegetarians and vegans, 4 big “beer tents” offering 5 brands of draught beer and also several kiosks with wide offer of various kinds of alcoholic drinks.

Visit our “chill out” zone on the place called Greenfield! This place is inside the Fotress, just a small walk from the main square with both stages. Greenfield is a place for your pleasure and relaxation when you want to escape from the sound terror. It is a place for recharging your batteries. Among others you can find there monster “Metal Market” with more than 50 stalls and Horror Cinema Tent.

Visit also our natural stand, a place for those who want to see the festival rush from above directly opposite both stages. We call it “natural stand” since it reminds a hillside where you can stay standing or sitting. This year again with separate sound coverage!

The camping site is approx. 300 m from the festival ground on a grass field. The camping site also includes “VIP Camp” which offers camping in the fenced area, toilets, washbasin and depository for use of the VIP camp inhabitants exclusively, a free 3-day pass for the natural stand and one time pass to the showers situated in the camping site. VIP camp is guarded 24 hours a day from Wednesday August 10th till Sunday August 14th.
There are no parking capacities at the camping site. Parking is possible in the near roads and streets of Josefov. Please respect the local traffic signs.

Dying Fetus – Grotesque Impalement (Live at Brutal Assault 2010)

My Dying Bride – Bring Me Victory (Live at Brutal Assault 2010)

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