Iron Witch - Confirmed Metal Festivals

Deserfest London 2017

Deserfest London 2017

Deserfest London 2017 will take place in Camden London, UK on April 28-30, 2017.

Sleep, Candlemass and Turbonegro are among the bands that will perform at Deserfest London 2017 festival.

‘kin Hell Fest

A new 3 day festival has hit the scene in the shape of ‘kin Hell Fest, which will be happening in Leeds, UK, April 26th, 27th and 28th at a previously almost unchartered venue called The Templeworks, bringing together 35 immense bands, currently with the likes of Winterfylleth, Man Must Die and Rompeprop (playing an exclusive one off UK show, from Holland) as the three headliners, plus Alkerdeel and A Den Of Robbers touring from Belgium, also featuring A Forest Of Stars, Bong, The Afternoon Gentlemen, Palehorse, Flayed Disciple, Cancerous Womb, Iron Witch and many more.