Gnostic - Confirmed Metal Festivals

Minnesota MetalFest 2009

Minnesota MetalFest is the new premiere festival for heavy metal acts in Minnesota. This year’s festival will take place on Labor Day – Monday, September 7 at the Station 4 nightclub in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. Station 4 is the premiere club for heavy metal acts in the state, booking more metal acts per capita than any other venue in Minnesota.

Maryland DeathFest

After 6 years, 160+ different bands representing 18 countries, and several venue changes, the Maryland Deathfest (or “MDF” for short) has developed into the premier underground metal festival in the United States, and one of the most talked about festivals internationally.

Harvesting Hell Metal Open Air

The impetus behind Harvesting Hell was, and is, to present the most diverse line-up of heavy music as possible in a 3 day open air forum. As it is our first year we are somewhat limited by budget when it comes to bringing larger international acts but have ensured that we represent metal culture on international, national and regional scales.