Farsas - Confirmed Metal Festivals

Bloodshed Fest 2017

Bloodshed Fest 2017

Bloodshed Fest 2017 will take place at Dynamo club in Eindhoven, Netherlands on October 27-28, 2017.

Disfear, Infest and Unholy Grave are among the bands that will perform at Bloodshed Fest 2017 festival.

Ont GRIND’u 7

Ont GRIND’u Open Air Fest is an annual grind’n’roll festival, held in Labardziai, Lithuania. For the 7th time we invite all grindcore/brutal/death/noise fans to 3-day blasphemic ritual with bands from Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Italia, Peru and Brazil.

Ont GRIND’u 7 will take place in Labardziai, Lithuania on August 01-03, 2014.