Age of Taurus - Confirmed Metal Festivals

Karmøygeddon Metal Festival 2015

Karmøygeddon Metal Festival 2015 will take place in Kopervik, Norway on April 30 – May 02, 2015.

Kvelertak, Arch Enemy and Swallow The Sun are among the bands that will perform at the Karmøygeddon Metal Festival 2015 festival.

Live Evil Festival Part 2

Live Evil Festival Part 2 will take place at The Underworld in Camden on Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd October 2011.

Live Evil Festival is an International Heavy Metal Festival presenting underground Black metal, Thrash, Speed, Death, Heavy Metal, Metal Punk and Doom bands from around the world. The bands who play it are picked by Fenriz and taken from his Darkthrone ‘Band of the Week’ blog. The festival remains 100% committed to the bands who play it.